Paul M. Elia

“The WMMR Morning Show studio had an impossible schedule, many of the finishes, broadcast equipment and mechanical equipment had very long lead times. We were able to work closely with Lakash Constructors and their team of professionals, the deadline was met and...

Larry Paulausky, Chief Engineer

“Lakash excels at managing the schedule and keeping everyone on track. They are so good at anticipating what could go wrong and are constantly looking for ways to optimize the job. WMMR Preston & Steve Studio”

James Camp, Principal

“The space is beautiful, the craftsmanship is excellent. We don’ t often see this kind of dedication. You achieved the impossible in seven short weeks, while keeping a smile on every ones face in the process.”

Milford Smith, VP Radio Engineering

“The primary reason we chose Lakash was owner involvement. This personal attention was a very large contributor to the projects success. I have worked with many contactors and in my opinion the overall quality of this entire job was simply outstanding. Their...