We’re Back!!


2018 Lakash Annual Turkey Drive

All ages get involved


This will be our 11th year of the annual Lakash Turkey Drive. We started with a few pick‐up trucks, some friends and enough turkey and groceries to feed 30 Families. Last year we provided Thanksgiving groceries to 155 families. In addition to the families we reached directly, through the Who so Ever Gospel Mission and the efforts of Brian and Laura Huber, food was provided for Thanksgiving dinner to over 140 people supported by the Mission.

2018 GOALS

This year’s goal is to provide Thanksgiving groceries to 180 families and through the WSGM provide a Thanksgiving celebration for 150 mission friends. That would be over 2 tons of turkey and $30,000 of groceries.


Last year we had a goal, help more families. This really is not a new concept for us. Every year we want to be able to help more people.

This takes a lot of effort to plan, receive, package, distribute and of course design and color the poster for the big picture at the end.

Friends, colleagues, and Lakash employees all come together to contribute to the well‐ oiled, highly tuned chaos orchestrated by Beth Grigg. Negotiating grocery prices, organizing teams, tracking contributors, and recipients, Beth has a six‐week plan that culminates with people giving of their time for others at a time when they need it most.


For 2018, again we will partner with Ambler Flower Shop to provide what many have told us is the highlight of the packages we provide. Having flowers on the table is not a luxury most would hope for and we have been asked to never stop providing this special touch.


Our list of partners in this endeavor seems to grow each year as they help us to reach more of our neighbors in need. This year they will include The Jewish Community Center, St. Vincent DePaul Charities, Sisters of the Immaculate Heart, the Who so Ever Gospel Mission, the Pennridge Fellowship in Serving Humanity, The Sweet Briar Café of Ambler along with the Kelly Anne Dolan Fund and the Wissahickon Fire Company.


To those of you who contribute your time packaging and distributing, thank you, we need you back, bring your friends.

To those of you who contribute your hard‐ earned money, thank you, we need you back as every $150 can feed a family of four for a week including a 20 lb. turkey and all the fixings.

To those of you who drive the trucks, direct the packing, and generally keep the Lakash folks sane, thank you, we need you back.

Saturday November 17 at 8:00 am 921A North Bethlehem Pike, Spring House, PA.


grigg@lakash.com, dolinsky@lakash.com


100% of your contributions go to groceries.

If you would like to make a contribution, please feel free to contact us, or simply send your check to Lakash Constructors.

Last year, contributors provided over 25% of the $27,000 required.